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Zoats: The New Way To Eat Zucchini

If you consider yourself a healthy eating fanatic, then it is likely that you start your day with a bowl of porridge, over-night oats or granola – basically any oat-based breakfast.

Well, now there is an even better way to enjoy your oats: combine them with zucchini and you’ve got yourself a portion of delicious zoats.

This might sound rather strange but, trust us, it is crammed with fibre and nutritional goodness, not to mention it tastes amazing too – what’s not to love?

This quick and easy breakfast option can be made just as you would porridge with one added ingredient, your wonderful zucch.

How to make the perfect bowl of zoats


1. Measure out your usual amount of oats if you’re hungry or about two thirds if you’re less peckish.

2. Grate in as much courgette as you like, again depending on hunger levels.

3. Add the milk of your choice but be aware that there will be more liquid from the courgette than just solo oats.

4. Heat and stir on the hob for a few minutes, depending on the consistency that you prefer adding whatever natural sweeteners you need.

*Tip* Make sure you keep the skin on as this is full of soluble fibre which slows down digestion, keeping insulin levels even and you fuller for longer!

Just like how you can pimp out your porridge with your favourite added extras you can do the same with your zoats.

At the moment we are crazy about blueberries, honey and cinnamon but, if that isn’t getting your tastebuds tingling then here are a few more mouthwatering ideas to get you inspired to try this bowl of goodness out for yourself.

Go all out


This combination of figs, pumpkin seeds, raspberries and blueberries looks almost too good to eat – almost.

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