June 17, 2016 Food, Hacks, Life

These Are All The Weird Ways People Use Wine (Besides Drink It)

Frankly, wine was made to be drunk. Finding alternative ways to use wine is, simply put, ridiculous. But, nevertheless, there are other ways to use the delicious social lubricant besides using it to get intoxicated.

For whatever reason, people have tried and tested all sorts of different ways that this tasty beverage can improve our standard of living – from cleaning product and tasty food to getting rid of annoying bugs.

These 15 different ways one could use (left over) wine for are admittedly genius. As it turns out, life can be pretty sweet when there’s a handy bottle or two collecting dust on the kitchen table.

1. Cleaning Product


A good old spring clean is necessary to keep a healthy and germ-free home. The alcohol plus acidity found in wine is a great disinfectant and can help remove stains without the added harmful chemicals of on-the-shelf cleaning products.

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