May 24, 2016 Food, News

Vegan Baileys Is Here!

For years Baileys has been a popular drink, particularly in the colder months. Maybe that’s because it goes so well in Hot Chocolate? We’re not sure, but either way, Baileys have some exciting news for all you vegans and dairy-free folk.

If you’re avoiding dairy, you’ve been missing out on the creamy liquor, but no longer will you have too.


Baileys Almande. A new liqueur from Baileys made using Almond Milk, as well as sweet Almond oil, Almond Essence, Cane sugar, Water and Vanilla.

With it being both Vegan and Gluten free, anyone can enjoy it, either as it’s recommended to be drank, over ice, or in a summer cocktail mixed with coconut water.


Which ever way you prefer to drink it, it sounds delicious, so we recommend trying it whether you’re avoiding dairy or not.

We’re definitely interested in trying that summer cocktail.