March 22, 2016 Uncategorized

This Skin Product Is Growing Out Of Customers Drains

Lush are well-known for their fresh, handmade products – but could their ingredients be too fresh?


It appears that one massage bar in particular is boasting freshness to a whole new level, as customers have made complaints about plants growing out of their showers.

The Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar is designed to loosen up and ease achy muscles through a “warming blend of cinnamon and peppermint essential oils”.

It also contains aduki beans which are said to help iron out any particularly stubborn knots – however, maybe Lush should have thought about what happens when the bar disintegrates around the beans.


It may be the first time you have heard of aduki beans, but several Lush customers are now unintentionally growing the crop.

It seems that the combination of warm temperatures, water and the aduki beans are the perfect conditions for the beans to sprout. And it’s quite sweet, really, if not also hugely annoying.

The co-founder of Lush, Helen Ambrosen, was contacted to make a statement on the mishap, to which she stated “We use organic aduki beans to create a texture in the massage bar, so that you’ve got small bead like shapes to massage the muscles.

“In order for the beans to germinate they must of been left in the shower for a few days. The results you get just go to show how fresh the ingredients really are.”

We guess that’s one way of looking at it..


Ironically, the Wiccy Magic Muscles bar actually comes with a warning on the Lush website – but it isn’t for the reasons you might think.

In fact, the warning states that the bar is made with ingredients that might melt in hot weather.

Perhaps Lush should think about making a few alterations to that.