April 25, 2016 Exercise, Health

This Hollywood-Approved Workout Is The Secret To The Perfect Bikini Body

For many of us, summer holidays present a mixture of emotions.

On the one hand you can’t wait to have a break from work and soak up the sunshine, but on the other hand you are dreading the moment you have to bare all on the beach with a less than satisfactory bikini body.

Well, don’t fear, we’ve got your back! To help you on your way we have got some top tips from personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson – the miracle worker who is responsible for transforming Khloe Kardashian’s exquisite derriere.


With at least a few months before your first summer getaway, now is the perfect time to get into shape and this quick and easy workout is just what you need.

It’s Hollywood approved so it’s got to be good, right? If it’s good enough for the flawless stars of this world it certainly has our vote.

Not only does it actually work (unlike most of the fitness regimes out there) you can easily fit this workout into your everyday routine.

With the help of just five easy steps, you will be looking bootylicious and bikini ready in no time!

Don’t believe us, put it to the test and try it out for yourself.

Step 1: Push-up renegade row


Targets: chest, triceps, front shoulder and lats.

1.) Get into a push-up position, do one push-up and keep your legs straight.

2.) Raise your left hand to your chest and repeat with your right hand

  • Repeat 16 times

Step 2: Triceps extension with calf raise


Targets: Triceps and calves 

1.) Hold the weights behind your head and then slowly lift them above your head.

2.) As you lift your arms, go up onto your tiptoes.

  • Repeat 12-20 times

Step 3: Single leg deadlift


Targets: Hamstrings, bum and core 

1.) Stand on one leg, swing the other back while leaning forward until you almost touch the floor.

2.) Swing back to standing position and bring your knee up to your chest.

  • Repeat 8-12 times per side

Step 4: Squat to twisting overhead press


Targets: Bum, quads and shoulders 

1.) Stand with your weights above your shoulders and simultaneously drop into a squat.

2.) As you stand, twist one side and lift weights above your head.

  • Repeat 8-12 per side

Step 5: Corkscrew plank


Tagets: Abs 

1.) Get into the usual plank position (rest your forearms with your hands beneath your shoulders, keeping your back and legs straight).

2.) Slowly swivel your hips to one side, return to the plank position and then swivel to the other side.

  • Repeat 20-50 times

You’re done! And your bikini body is well on it’s way – hooray.