June 24, 2016 Life

11 Things In Your Kitchen It’s Time To Get Rid Of

We are all guilty of keeping things that have no use, or that we know we’re never actually going to use, but for whatever reason we just can’t bring ourselves to part with them.

We spring clean the rest of the house, but often forget that the kitchen needs a clear out just as much.

What we fail to realise is that the more things we have cluttering up our kitchens, the easier it is to lose what we actually use and it makes it harder to find them when we need them.

We’ve put together a list of the the unnecessary items taking up valuable space in the kitchen that you need to bin – or recycle.

1. Kitchen Magnets From Every Corner Of The World


Most of the time these are presents from from people who have visited places you’ve never been. Do you really them cluttering up your fridge?

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