June 29, 2016 Diet, Food

Surprising Foods You Didn’t Realise Were Vegan

It seems being vegan is easier than ever these days, with way more people choosing to cut out animal products and go for the plant-based lifestyle.

Vegan is one of the most popular health trends of the moment, so it seems there are more products than ever out there to satisfy those on a vegan-diet.

But what about the surprising foods that we immediately assume aren’t vegan, but they actually are?

Here are 10 foods you didn’t know were vegan.

1. Oreos


Oreo Cookies are one of the tastiest snacks going, and even if you’re vegan then you can totally enjoy them too. The chocolatey biscuits used to contain whey powder, sourced from cheese, but it got removed from the ingredients a few years back.

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