June 21, 2016 Diet, Health, News

Is Being Overweight Actually Better For You?

The BMI chart was first devised in the 1830’s, but it has been in more recent years that some people have become more aware of it and the risks it can identify.

It simply takes your height and weight which gives you a number known as your ‘bmi’. The number then tells you whether you’re underweight, a healthy\normal weight, overweight or obese, depending where it places you on the chart.


It is usually assumed that people who have a BMI in the ‘normal’ range are the healthiest and most likely to live longer, however a recently study says different.

The study by Copenhagen University Hospital, which was carried out over four years, took 100,000 individuals health data to examine.

The results of the study showed that the BMI that had the lowest risk of death was 27 as of 2013, quite an increase from  23.7 in 1976. A BMI of over 25 is classed as overweight, so it’s certainly interesting that now that is considered the ‘healthiest BMI to have’.


What is also interesting it that those in the ‘obese’ category and those in the ‘normal’ category had the same risk of death.

It has to be pointed out and it is important to note, that that doesn’t mean that those people who fill themselves up on greasy, high-fat food and sugary drinks shouldn’t bother improving their diets and not bother exercising. Or that you may as well take up that kind of diet, because according to this study you won’t be any less at risk.


What it actually suggests is that the BMI scale needs an update. It’s currently outdated and not very accurate at all. BMI only takes into consideration the height and weight of a person, therefore an olympic athlete would be classed as overweight, when in reality they just have a lot of muscle and little fat.

Another thing that’s important to remember is that there is no one weight everyone should be, nor should you be worrying too much if you’re slightly into the ‘overweight’ category or even the ‘underweight’. It is just important that you eat a healthy and balanced diet, exercise and look after yourself.