June 6, 2016 Health

The New Caffeine Alternative Everyone Is Loving

Move over avocado, coconut water and green smoothies, there is a new food trend in town. From the title you may think the foodies of Instagram are all over a new coffee drink or some gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, fat-free liquid, but in actual fact, it’s the Tumeric Latte that’s taking the internet by storm.

Since last November, internet searches for the Indian spice have risen by 56%, leading to it being named as the ‘breakout star’ ingredient by Google Food Trends, while over the last five years there has been a 300% increase in google hits.


Pedro Pina from Top Food Brands at Google, said: “We’re seeing an overall increase in searches for ‘functional foods’ – foods which provide benefits beyond satiety. With greater access to information, people are taking greater interest in understanding all the different ways in which ingredients impact their bodies.”
Having been used as medicine for 4000 years and being added to curries and rice dishes worldwide, tumeric is now the core ingredient in a drink that is being sold in cafes and restaurants around the world and is being heavily Instagrammed at the same time.


Celebrities are also catching on to the trend, with Gwyneth Paltrow loving the drink and even sharing her own recipe for it on her website Goop, with her adding ginger, coconut sugar, coconut oil, sea salt and almond milk to the turmeric to make the cup of liquid gold.

While author, Sarah Wilson suggests adding an extra ingredient ‘Give your recipe even more of a superfood boost by adding raw cacao’.


People are divided over what milk is best to use to make the latte, but generally cows milk is avoided and the drink is kept vegan, being made with Almond, Cashew or Soya Milk.

Turmeric is said to have healing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer properties, making it a great alternative to your usual morning coffee. It will probably gain you a few more likes than your usual Instagram post as well and how could you not snap a pic of it?