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At What Age Will Your Metabolism Start To Slow Down?

This may not be the most pleasant piece of news you will read today, but it’s an important one.

It turns out the whole ‘metabolism slowing down’ is true, so if you want to stay a healthy weight then you will eventually have to stop with the Friday night takeaways and Saturday morning fried breakfasts.

Many teenagers are blessed with ability to eat and eat and eat and not put on an ounce of weight. They’re still growing so they need that extra energy – and their metabolism can handle it.

It doesn’t last though. It’s sad, but true. As you age, you use less energy so you have to stop eating as much – lowering your calorie intake to ensure you don’t put on a whole lot of weight.

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The United States Department of Health has released graphs which show when a persons calorie intake should begin to decline, based on age, gender and activity level.


On average, for women who aren’t especially active, your calorie intake will need to decrease at around 26 years of age, as your metabolism slows down. If you’re active however then you have until you’re thirty to carry on enjoying those sneaky chocolates.

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Men however, start needing less between the ages of 20 and 35, with the difference between activity levels and calorie intake being more dramatic.

For┬ásedentary women aged 20-25, the maximum amount of calories that should be consumed is 2000, while if you’re very active, you can add an extra 400 calories to that.

While men of a low activity level aged 20-40 need 2400 calories, if you’re exercising a lot, you could go up to 2800 calories a day.