April 7, 2016 Cooking, Diet, Food, Hacks, Life, Meals

How To Eat Healthy Without Blowing Your Budget

It is very easy to say that you want to start eating healthy, but in reality – this lifestyle comes at a price.

However, don’t be tempted by the cheap fast food options just yet because we have come up with a few top tips to help you eat well without blowing your budget.

You might think they are obvious, but these quick and easy hacks will have you eating healthy in no time.

Take a look at our five essential tips that will keep your bank account nice and healthy as well as your heart:

Frozen is fabulous


Frozen fruit and veg is a lifesaver. Typically, they are frozen right at the peak of being ripe which means they are kept at their fullest nutritional value. Plus, they last a million times longer than fresh products so it is a win win.

Smoothie saviour


Smoothies are great to eat throughout the day. It’s a great pre-workout snack, post-workout snack, or just a pick-me-up during the afternoon. If you find that your fresh fruit is starting to go bad…act fast to save! Freeze the fruit in ice cube trays with some almond milk or coconut milk and they will be ready to throw in your smoothie the next time you need that pick-me-up.

Bulk Buy


It turns out that in this case less is not more. If you buy your healthy essentials in bulk then you will be able to save yourself lots of money.

Get what you need


While bulk buying is good for packaged and canned items – you can buy a months supply of veggies. So, before you head to the store make sure you work out how much greens you need so you don’t end up wasting a crazy amount.