May 23, 2016 Exercise

Here’s Why Glute Bridges Are Essential For Building Your Booty

Training the glutes has become a massive trend in the past few years and whilst it’s great to want to build a round, firm butt, it can actually be extremely difficult to see serious results.

The glutes are one of the biggest muscles in your body so you have to be aware that you need to train them hard to achieve your goals, but don’t worry – we’re not talking lifting extremely heavy weights or doing a million squats every week, we’ve found an exercise that all fitness gurus swear by that doesn’t require you to have extreme gym knowledge at all: say hello to the glute bridge.

This nifty exercise can be as easy or as difficult as you make it which ensures it to be a gym freak’s favourite whether you’re a beginner or an avid fitness guru.

So, if you want a booty like JLo’s then take a look at exactly why you should be including glute bridges in your workout…

Glute Bridges Require No Equipment Whatsoever…


That’s right, this bodyweight exercise is so simple to do, all you need is floorspace and your body of course.

Doing Glute Bridges Strengthens Your Glutes And Core So You Will Perform Other Exercises Better


Before you go onto squats or lunges, glute bridges help to activate the glutes so as you go through your workout you’ll be able to feel the burn there rather than naturally transferring it to your hamstrings or quads.

Doing Glute Bridges Strengthens Your Lower Back, Knees And Hips Which Will Completely Transform Your Form


The most important thing when doing strength training is your form – get it wrong and you won’t achieve your results and you could seriously injure yourself. Because the glute bridge strengthens that general area, you’ll be able to notice just how strong and engaged your whole body is when doing other weight exercises for your booty.

There Are Several Different Variations To Add To Your Workout Routine


From the single leg glute bridge march to the barbell hip thrust, these are really all you need to achieve a bodacious butt!

So, if you want that all important perky booty then make sure you’re including all glute bridge variations in your workout routine, trust me – you’ll definitely feel the burn for days after…