June 22, 2016 Cooking, Food, Recipes

Healthy Brownie Recipes That Make Dieting Seem Easy

People often think that going on a diet means that you have to miss out on all of the world’s tastiest foods, but that simply isn’t the case.

While you won’t be able to eat your body weight in pizza and Chinese takeaway – there are a few mouthwatering treats that can be enjoyed in moderation.

In this case we are talking brownies. Those slices of gooey chocolatey goodness are generally considered a cardinal sin when it comes to eating healthily but, rest assured the following recipes have been tweaked slightly, totally transforming the brownie mix into a health-fanatic’s paradise.

If you follow these ingenious recipes you can tuck into a batch of fresh healthy brownies without any of the guilt.

They not only look good, do good but they taste amazing as well – what’s not to love?

Flourless Brownies


Get the recipe here.

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