July 1, 2016 Food, News

Dessert Hummus Is Now A Thing

Hummus is the perfect companion for pitta bread and falafel, carrot and cucumber sticks, it even goes well with chips, so when dessert hummus popped up on the internet, we were a little shocked.

It’s a savoury delight and we can’t imagine opting for a nice bowl of hummus over cake and ice cream for dessert.

But something has changed in the food world recently and dessert hummus is not only a thing, but it sounds pretty delicious as well. Something we never thought we would say.


A company called Delish have created four flavours of dessert hummus for your to drool over.

If you could add one flavor to this delightful lineup, what would it be?! #desserthummus

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Orange ginger, chocolate chip, brownie batter and snickerdoodle.

As it turns out there has been an unknown dessert hummus hole in our lives that we didn’t know about until now.

It starts off life in the usual way that hummus does. Made up of chickpeas, tahini and salt.

To be turned into dessert delights, coconut milk is added to make it creamier, along with Turbinado sugar and fresh ingredients to create the particular flavours.

TOP of the mornin' to to ya while eatin' yo way to the BOTTOM of these Snickerdoodle-Hummus-Pancakes

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Vegan, gluten-free and natural – almost everyone can enjoy them, well providing you live or are visiting America.

Delish is based in Boston, Massachusetts, but surely it is only a matter of time before they spread their wings and branch out to other areas?

Sadly, for those not lucky enough to live close by, dreaming of this strange dessert delight spread on biscuits and topping pancakes will have to do for the time being.