June 7, 2016 Diet, Food, Health

Chocolate Might Actually Be Good For You?

Chocoholics rejoice, because a new study has found that chocolate can be good for you. Yes, you read that right, time to celebrate with a huge slab of chocolate, right?

Wrong. Sorry to have got your hopes up, but while chocolate does have some great benefits, it can also be packed full of sugar, so you have to be careful of the kind you eat.

Fear not, we’re going to tell you what chocolate is good for you, why and also those that you should avoid.

Dark chocolate

The Good:

As you may well know, chocolate comes from cacao and get its taste from flavonoids in the cacao. While taste is of course important, the flavonoids actually do a lot more than make your chocolate bar that irresistible sweet treat. They can actually protect your body from numerous diseases such as asthma, diabetes and some types of cancer.

Dark chocolate has been proven to strengthen your heart, lower blood pressure and improve the blood flow around your body and it is also said to help you deal with stress.

Memory loss seems to be an unavoidable part of growing older for many people, but a new study has found that the cocoa flavonoids could slow down memory loss.

While it may seem odd that chocolate can reduce your risk of diabetes, the polyphenols in chocolate actually help regulate your blood sugar.


The Bad:

Sadly, not all chocolate is created the same, as many well known brands of chocolate are filled with sugar and milk an it is these added extras strip the cacao of it’s nutritional value.

Chocolate, as you may know, can be addictive and in fact is the most addictive food for teenagers.

If you suffer with your skin, it may be best to avoid the sweet treat. White chocolate is the worst with its high fat content due to the milk.

You would have to eat a large amount, but too much chocolate can make you anxious. While it gives you an energy boost because of the sugar, it can also lead to anxiety, irritability and nervousness.

For those who are already at risk of developing kidney stones, chocolate has been linked to them due to the oxalates in it, so be careful.



Dark chocolate should be chosen over white and milk for the health benefits, ideally with over 70% cacao. That doesn’t mean that you should start eating mounds of the stuff though – all chocolate should be eaten in moderation.