June 17, 2016 Fast Food, London, News

Introducing UberEats: The Taxi Company That Will Bring You Food

As if we didn’t love Uber enough already – it now delivers food as well as ferrying us all around.

Today the taxi service launched UberEats, which will enable you to order takeaway food at the tap of a screen.

Sadly, it is currently only available in London but we are reassured if all goes well in the capital it will be rolled out into other areas.

The new venture is going head to head with the likes of Deliveroo and Just Eat so, it will be interesting to see if UberEats has what it takes to come out on top.


The UberEats app is now available to download, and from 12pm today customers can order food from 150 restaurants – but only in central London.

Uber said it would be pushing the service out to the rest of London and the UK “in the coming weeks” but so far haven’t given a specific timeframe on the expansion.

While it is already in 16 major cities, mainly in the US, this is the first UberEats to hit the UK.

Mexican restaurant Chilango, Hummus Bros, Pho, and frozen yoghurt shop Snog are just a few of the delicious food companies that have signed up to the app so far.


There is no minimum order and delivery is available 11am to 11pm, seven days a week. More restaurants will be signed in due course, a spokesperson said.

We are waiting for the likes of McDonald’s and Five Guys to appear on the list.

UberEats deliveries will be made by couriers who, like Uber taxi drivers, are contractors rather than direct employees.

Uber has been criticised in the past for its use of contractors and GMB general secretary Tim Roache told an interviewer earlier this month that the company is one of his top targets when it comes to fighting moves to undermine workers’ rights.

However, Uber says that because the drivers are effectively freelance the service offers flexibility. It also said “hundreds” of workers had already signed up.


The app is “aiming for” a 30-minute delivery time on all orders and a spokesperson said that when the order is made the app gives an ETA and customers can track their orders on a map.

So, we are extremely excited to start making use of this incredible new service.

For all of you living outside of central London, sit tight – your time to take advantage of this quick and easy food run will come before you know it.