May 24, 2016 Cooking, Diet, Food

You Can Half The Amount Of Calories In Rice With This Simple Hack

We all know when you’re an avid fitness fiend, rice will definitely accompany many of your meals – it’s easy to cook and fills you up!


But,¬†whilst it’s healthy – rice is still a carb and we wish that somehow, we could have all of the rice and less of the guilt in calories. Well, we may just have the answer to that problem with this incredible hack.

That’s right, US scientists have come up with a way to reduce the calories in rice by over 60% with this simple method. All you have to do is cook your rice with a spoonful of coconut oil in the water for 20-40 minutes then refrigerate your rice for 12 hours and BAM – 60% less calories.

rice 2

You might be asking, well how does cooking it in coconut oil and refrigerating it make it less calorific? Well, apparently this makes some of the starch in the rice indigestible. Pretty cool, right!

We get that this method isn’t exactly quick, but if you get into the habit of food prepping each week, this is so easily doable and you can eat your rice without feeling like you’re indulging in a carb overload – result!

rice 3

We’re definitely going to try this secret hack this week and if you’re also a rice lover then you definitely should too.