June 20, 2016 Diet, Food, News

Avocado Thieves Hit New Zealand Farms

Avocados are popular and for good reason. Not only do they taste great, but they provide us with healthy fats and calories.

However, the combination of their popularity and a bad harvest, has led to an avocado theft throughout New Zealand.

That’s right, people are stealing avocados and there has been nearly 40 large-scale thefts from orchards, with more expected to have been unreported.


New Zealand had a particularly bad season for avocado growing, which led to a price increase – avocados were costing as much as NZ$6 (about £3).

It may sound ridiculous to steal fruit, but with it being such a popular food item that’s become a staple in many people’s diets, the demand for it is there.


The recent thefts have been reported to take place in the middle of the night with the avocados then sold at road-side stalls or small independent food shops across the country.

A big concern surrounding the purchasing of these stolen fruits is that they can actually be harmful to consumers. Many of the avocados are unripe and due to being recently sprayed, still carry toxins. It’s not only the farmers pocket that’s being hurt, but people’s health too.


However, many people in New Zealand will be pleased to hear that it is expected that there should be plenty of avocados to go around soon enough and therefore theft to decrease. New Zealand farms however are still going to be protecting their crops just incase, as many have installed automatic lights and alarm systems to keep the thieves away.

Those lucky enough to be unaffected by the Avocado crisis, make sure you appreciate your next plate of avocado on toast.