June 28, 2016 Cooking, Weird

The Arizona Heat Is So Hot You Can Cook Your Food In It

An Arizona summer can make your house bills cheaper; it’s so hot you can cook your food outside.

You don’t need an oven to make yourself a scrumptious dinner or bake some goodies for the family.

This video from WhenInYourState shows exactly how cooking in Arizona can be accomplished.

These steaks were already cooking in the scorching heat before they went onto the oven tray.

The camera then moves towards an orange Lamborghini where cookies are being baked inside of it.

Of course it’s not just steaks and cookies that can be cooked in this weather.

Arizona have recently had blistering heats of 118 degrees fahrenheit, being the fifth highest all time temperature in the state.

Whilst it may be good for cooking delicious food, it has tragically caused forest fires that have burnt around 8,000 acres of land.

The heat has also caused problems for travel as it affects airline equipment, making it unsafe for planes to land.

Top Tip: Remember to apply a gallon of sunscreen all over yourself before you start cooking in Arizona.