May 27, 2016 Diet, Health, News

8 Migraine Triggering Foods

Migraines are awful. Simple as. They aren’t just ‘bad headaches’  they can leave you having to go to sleep in a very dark, silent room and affect your daily life.

If you suffer from them, but they only last a few hours, consider yourself a little bit lucky, as they can last for up to 72 hours.  But of course, a migraine for any length of time is horrible.


The cause of Migraines is still unknown, however there are several triggers that have been identified. Including hormonal, emotional, physical and dietary triggers, there are numerous different things that can cause a migraine to occur.

We’ve found  8 foods/drinks that are known to be triggers, so that you know what to avoid or at least cut back on if you suffer.

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