June 17, 2016 Food, Health

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating More Sweet Potato

The potato has got to be one of the most versatile foods: fried, mashed, roasted – they are just the perfect accompaniment to every meal!

However, even though these delicious veggies are considered ‘healthy’, according to a new study – eating potatoes four times a week can raise your hypertension by a whopping 11% which can send your blood pressure soaring.

So, instead of giving in to your french fry cravings – why not opt for something a little sweeter and a whole lot healthier – the sweet potato, of course!

Take a look at why you should be swapping your white potato for the sweet stuff with these proven six facts…

1. Sweet Potato Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

potato 1

That’s right, this delicious veggie has a high potassium that can significantly lower your blood pressure and stress levels.

2. Sweet Potato Is A Great Anti-Aging Agent

potato 2

Swap your standard french fries for the sweet potato goodness because you could actually eat yourself younger! The vitamin A found in sweet potatoes is 100% of your RDA and is found in most anti-aging products.

3. Sweet Potatoes Can Aid In Weightloss

potato 3

As if this sweet treat couldn’t have more essential benefits – it can actually help you lose weight because of the fibre content.

So, swap your cornflakes for the sweet stuff and you could be slimmer in no time.

4. Sweet Potatoes Can Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer

potato 4

According to Harvard School of Public Health and the Massachusetts General Hospital, eating fruit and veg that contains a high amount of alpha-carotene can actually reduce your risk of cancer. And which vegetable is high in alpha-carotene? The sweet potato of course.

5. Sweet Potatoes Neutralise The Damage Of Junk Food

potato 5

If you’ve indulged a little bit too much on take aways and sweets then you should definitely eat sweet potato to neutralise the damage.

The high magnesium content aids in weight loss by metabolising carbohydrates. Of course, you should lay off the candy too to really see a difference!

6. Sweet Potatoes Will Give You Sweet Dreams

potato 6

Nothing is more annoying than being tired and drained all day then as soon as you go to bed, you’re wide awake.

Well, eating sweet potatoes more often can actually help with that too. The choline content in just one spud is enough to send you into dreamland as soon as your head hits the pillow.