July 4, 2016 Cooking, Food, Recipes

15 Vegetarian And Vegan BBQ Recipes You Need To Try This Summer

Barbecue’s are a summer staple activity but we have to admit that it’s a lot easier for meat-lovers to get their hands on all their favourite BBQ recipes than it is for vegetarians/vegans…well, until now.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most delicious veggie and vegan friendly recipes that you can indulge in at your next summer BBQ that seriously match up to the standard beef burger and chicken wings.

Trust us, even your meat-eating friends will want to get their hands on these protein packed, veggie options…

1. Pesto Pizzas

veg 1

This simple idea means you can use all fresh ingredients and change up your toppings whenever you want. Take a look at the recipe.

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