June 17, 2016 Exercise

15 Strange Yet Hilarious Things Every Fitbit Owner Has Been Guilty Of

Exercise has been around for centuries. Of course, all of the fancy gym equipment wasn’t always a thing – but people have been watching their weight by moving their bodies for ever.

Nowadays however, technology has graced the world with some of the coolest things to help everyone live an optimal life. A walk down the fitness section in a store doesn’t just include a scale and a set of bicep curlers but instead, things such as A300’s and FitBits.

These 15 hilarious, but very real, things are what a FitBit owner can almost definitely be found guilty of doing.

1. Walking On The Spot

NEW YORK, NY - May 22: Sarah Klein demonstrates a running technique in New York Thursday, May 22, 2014. (Photo by Damon Dahlen, Huffington Post) *** Local Caption *** Yaoshiang Ho;

Perhaps it’s cold out or time doesn’t permit for a long workout. Taking a few (or a lot of) steps on the spot is how a FitBit users cheats the system.

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