June 28, 2016 Exercise

15 Reasons Why You Need To Try Clubbercise

There are constantly new and exciting ways to keep fit popping up on the scene, but there is one that has particularly caught our attention – Clubbercise.

The beauty of this fitness class is that it incorporates all of the fun of a night out, without the painful hangover the next day.

You and your friends get to dance your heart out all night long with the reassurance that you are shedding the pounds at the same time – what’s not to love?

These fun and effective workouts are popping up everywhere right now, so if you haven’t tried it out for yourself already, here’s why Clubbercise is the exciting new alternative to a heavy night out.

It’s in the dark


You work out in the dark, so you can get away with dancing as if no one is watching – because they actually aren’t. Plus, worrying about your increasingly sweaty appearance will become a thing of the past.

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