June 22, 2016 Cooking, Diet, Food, Health, Life, Meals

15 Lettuce Free Salads That Will Spice Up Your Lunch

Salads are a great and an extremely healthy lunch choice – however eating the same old foods everyday leads to boredom, which inevitably leads to snacking and cravings for unhealthy foods.

Instead of reaching for the usual lettuce, tomato and cucumber combo why not create nutrient-packed dishes that will make salads exciting again – no leaves involved.

Here are 15 lettuce free salads – you won’t be-leaf how delicious they are!

Asian Broccoli Salad With Peanut Sauce


Broccoli is the vegetable you spent years pushing around your plate – however when teamed with the right ingredients it can be super delicious as well as being packed with nutrients. This Asian inspired salad will definitely spice up your lunch.

Find the recipe here.

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