June 17, 2016 Cooking, Food, Hacks

15 Of The Most Inventive And Awesome Kitchen Gadgets

 With every day, comes a new invention Рwhich is cool because the world is literally becoming an easier place every second. A horse and cart transformed into a car and a book is now able to be read on a device that fits in a pocket. Nothing is impossible.

With that, in preparing a delicious, innovative and creative meal in the kitchen – one does not need to be a professional chef. They simple need to check out these interesting kitchen gadgets.

With these 15 items, there is absolutely no excuse to not cook up a storm (even if it’s a s*** storm).

1. Hot Dog Slicers


A slick little device super for the kiddes, this hot dog slicer creates fun bite-sized pieces of hot dog in seconds. Simply place the hot dog on the base and press down.

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