June 29, 2016 Diet, Food, Health

15 Incredible Health Benefits Of Eating Kiwi Fruit

It’s an age-old tale that fruit and vegetables are key in living a healthy and optimal life. Of course, each fruit has its own benefits but the kiwi fruit, in particular, has some astounding benefits that you probably haven’t even heard of.

Not only does it taste delicious and make for an awesome summer time snack, but it also helps with your body’s digestion, lungs, eyes and heart as well as help maintain a healthy PH balance and more.

Here are 15 reasons why you should be eating the kiwi fruit, besides its delicious taste.

1. Digestion


The kiwi fruit has enzymes that help break down protein. This makes it easier for the protein to enter the bloodstream. It also aids in removing toxins from the intestine which reduces the chance of constipation.

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