June 29, 2016 Health

10 Things That Could Be Causing Your Stomach To Bloat

Bloating affects everyone at some point in life, leaving you looking six months pregnant and totally ruining your outfit.

For some people it can happen so often and so easily that it will end up dictating what they wear on a daily basis. They will wear loose fitting clothes most days in preparation for the inevitable ballooning of their stomach.

It’s not comfortable and it’s not fair either, but there could be somethings you can do to help the situation.

There are various different causes of bloating, some which you may not even realise. It’s best to be informed of the possible causes so that you can do what you can to prevent or at least lessen the effects.

1. Eating Too Much


This is the main reason many people feel bloated and it’s simply remedied. After a generous lunch out and then a big dinner later in the evening, it’s no surprise your stomach has expanded out. To avoid this, try to eat smaller portions. Or, if you’re too much of a fan of your food, just drink a glass of water, go to bed and the next morning go to the toilet – you body should be back to normal by then.

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